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My school – why I’m proud of it


“It’s been a lifelong dream to pursue higher education at the UCL as my father was an alumni too”, Yulida Santoso. Master’s for Public Policy, University College London


“The intellectual challenges of the University of Cambridge is real and independent academic work is encouraged – the journey challenges me to be a better version of myself”, Sabrina Anjara. 2nd year doctoral researcher in Public Health at the University of Cambridge




“The University’s Human Rights Center is simply renowned as the best in the UK and one of the best in the world”, Jane Aileen Tedjaseputra. LLM in International Human Rights & Humanitarian Law at the University of Essex


“This university provides a very unique insight into the studies of my choice: through humour and comedy!” , Rio Damar. MSc in Media and Communication, Brunel University


“Law and Defence are both paramount subjects for the development of Indonesia, but not many are paying attention – that’s why I study here”, Sulaiman Sujono, Shrivenham Defence Academy of the UK


“The study offered here is creative and highly integrated, while the global exposure is nearly unlimited”, Theresia Sembiring. MA in Development Studies , Institute of Development Studies in University of Sussex


“It’s a small city big-impact studying for me, as this campus has placed itself among the top notches in the study of Global Economics”, Romauli Panggabean. MSc in Economics, University of Warwick


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